With No Hope in Sight, Should we Resign to Fate?

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager




You should count yourself fortunate if you are currently consuming this content on your device. From our numerous outreaches to orphanage homes and remote communities alongside the recent case on the Dobi community of Niger State. We experienced how people have no hope of where their next meal will come from and how their children will go to school.



These sets of people only bother themselves with the basic necessities of life such as a reliable source of income to feed their family and send their kids to school. Obviously, we all know the saying that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  When we totally abandon these vulnerable people, there is a tendency for the children to go into social vices like taking hard drugs, rape, prostitution and other crimes capable of constituting nuisance in our society.


With No hope in sight and everyone seems to resign to fate, hoping for a miracle to happen. Some get frustrated along the way and may even contemplate suicide just to end the whole suffering at once, while the younger ones violently take to the streets with societal vices.  


Basically, no one is safe and if we cannot rise up to the task of providing hope for the hopeless, we will have a bleak future.  The gleam of hope you offer can make a big difference in the lives of these people facing challenges in remote communities.  Education and skills acquisition for the less privilege can go a long way to reduce crime and alleviate poverty in the land.


Education starting from the basics can do a lot to the mind than you think. It will be difficult for an enemy to convince a properly educated individual to blow up himself just to kill his fellow country people. Infact, education offers hope and strategies to survive for any individual who possesses it.  


Adding skills acquisitions to the equation of empowering the less privileged will do a lot of wonders in coming years if only we start now and accelerate to touch more lives. Hence we are inviting you to become an IRF sponsor or Volunteer by contributing your skills and time in your own little way, They will sure make a huge difference in the lives of the less privileged. 



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