Intervention College

The Intervention College is an initiative powered by Infinite Respite Foundation with the major aim of fostering all round Basic Education and Skills Acquisition for less privileged children. This is borne out of the necessity to provide basic education, educational materials and other viable resources for the less privileged and underserved children in our society.

Understanding and developing the psychological mindset of children is a yardstick for a saner and progressive society. The Intervention College is built to cater for the psychological wellbeing of the less privileged children under our umbrella. Meaning, these children will have access to a world class 21st century learning environment.  The area of capacity building through the acquisition of skills is not left out in a bid to make our children independently stand out wherever they find themselves around the World. 

Endeavour to watch this space and other parts of the Infinite Respite Foundation website for update on The Intervention College.

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