By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager


In this era of vast technological development, we still have communities that are lacking basic amenities such as schools, hospitals and good roads. At first, it seems unbelievable that such communities exist as one is of the opinion that development has been able to reach the nooks and crannies in Nigeria.


Ojo Local Government is one of the local governments in Lagos State. Infinite Respite Foundation had an outreach in the communities in Ojo local government. The community visited could not be accessed by road as it was surrounded by water. The major mode of transportation is by boat; and it is about 30mins journey from the nearest shore.

Our outreach was held in Osolu Kingdom which consists of the following communities: Agaja, Sudanu, Adjibgo-fiyieku and Olomometa. The religion is predominantly Traditional as the people in the community worship the gods of their land. It is made up of different tribes mainly Igbo and Yoruba speaking people who are headed by a king addressed as ‘baale”. 


There is no hospital or school in the communities visited. The community can boast of only one man who can read and write. He became our tour guide round the villages. 


Education is not easily accessible in the various communities. Children who have access to education go by boat to other neighbouring communities where schools are built. Currently, structures are being put in place for a hospital and a school through combined efforts of Missionaries in the communities. 


Our outreach group was headed by Mrs. Lawson Veronica who is our Program Director for the South-West Region. The community is in need of education as it mostly affects orphans and widowed parents who cannot afford BASIC EDUCATION. Every child deserves quality education. 


Infinite Respite Foundation is developing a scholarship program geared towards providing basic Education to these communities; we welcome any contributions toward this program.  Remember that educating children enables us to build a viable and strong economic growth for our nation. You can also volunteer your services as teachers to ensure that every child can read and write and be able to become great leaders. Lives can be impacted and future affected positively.

Join us as a volunteer today or as a Sponsor. Remember “every child deserves a quality education”

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