Ever thought of a society where the leaders of tomorrow turn out to be illiterates, unexperienced and touts? The Sad fact is that the society will be undeveloped and have no regard for other societies. Would you want such to happen under the watch of your child? No.

Yes, there’s this popular saying that education is not a bedrock (school is scam) but that is ignorance speaking. In most cases, people that say such are either illiterates, fraudsters or touts. Education aside being a bed rock is equally a tool of success. Without further proverbs, I would like to enlighten you on why children need education.

Education is a tool in which individuals are taught on things they know nothing about. These teachings are done in schools, churches, mosque, home even in the environments we find ourselves in, we learn from it. It is the key to success in the future and to having many opportunities in our life. Education has many advantages for people. For instance, it illuminates a person’s mind and thinking. It helps students to plan for work or pursue a higher education while graduating from university.

I believe that everyone is entitled to have education “from cradle to grave”. There are various benefits of having education such as having a good career, having a good status in society, and having self-confidence.

First of all, education gives us the chance of having a good career in our life. We can have plenty of chances to work at any workplace we wish. In other words, opportunities for a better employment can be more and easy. The highly educated we are the better chance we get. Having education helps people think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to their success, and improves not only their personal satisfaction but also their community. In addition, education develops human personality, thoughts, dealing with others and prepares people for life experiences. It makes people have a special status in their own society and everywhere they live in.

Moreover, education polishes our mind, reinforces our thoughts, and strengthens our character and behaviours toward others. It equips us with information in various fields in general and our specialization in particular; especially what we need to master in our job career. Therefore, without education we may not survive properly nor have a decent profession. Furthermore, education grants us a good status in society. As educated people, we are considered as a valuable source of knowledge for our society. Having education helps us teach other morals, manners and ethics in our society. For this reason, people deal with us in a considerable and special way for being productive and resourceful.

In addition, education makes us a role model in society when our people need us to guide them to the right way or when they want to take a decision. Thus, it is an Honor for us to serve our community and contribute towards its advancement. In fact, being educated is an advantage to help our people and build a good society. Besides, it is very well-known that having self-confidence is always generated from education. It is a great blessing for us to have self-confidence which leads to many advantages and success in life. Being educated is undoubtedly being self-confident. All in all, education is the process of acquiring knowledge and information that lead to a successful future. As discussed above, there are a lot of positive traits of having education, such as having a good career, having a good status in society, and having self-confidence.

Education makes us view obstacles as challenges to overcome with no fear, facing new things. It is the main factor behind successful people and the merit of developed countries. Therefore, education is deemed a real success behind any future success. Children need to be educated to avoid certain challenges they will face in life that is to say that as a child while growing up, you are most likely to find yourself in an environment where you need to defend yourself and a situation whereby you can’t defend yourself, you will be tagged guilty thereby causing more pains to you.

Children need to be educated in other to be able to have a professional and a decent job. An illiterate cannot become a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, an engineer or even a teacher. Leaders of tomorrow are the younger generation and for you to become a good leader, you must be educated else you won’t be able to rule your nation well.
Education helps reduce the rate of crime because the educated already know that they have higher chances of employment.

Finally, as a parent, it will give you great joy to see that your children are great ambassadors and are not a disappointment to your family. It will give you great joy to see that any company, factory or enterprise you enter, you hear that your child owns it. All these can only be possible with the vital tool “EDUCATION” just like the popular saying, “knowledge is power.

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