Adolescence is a very delicate stage in a child’s life. At this stage, your child makes important decisions that can make or break their future. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the need to discuss some sensitive issues with parents. This is to ensure that they do not receive misinformation in public places and also that your child get the proper training from you on how some certain things should been done doing that stage of life. Adolescent stage is not an easy one, there are certain changes they might experience and if they do not get the right information, they will end up doing the wrong things.

1. Physical and Emotional Changes:
Gone are those days when parent feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about pubertal changes with their teenagers. According to Wikipedia, puberty is a process of physical change in which a child’s body transforms into a sexually reproductive adult body. You should talk about the physical and emotional changes your teenager will begin to experience and let them know that these are normal physical development to be expected at this stage so they don’t have to panic if they start experiencing them and it will also help them to be prepared for it. This topic should be described as honestly and clearly as possible without hiding any necessary details.

2. Academic expectations:
At this time, your teen will gradually become more involved in schoolwork and have higher expectations for academic achievement. They begin to pass basic exams that determine whether they want to take the next step in their studies. You should sit down with your child and discuss what is expected of him or her academically and how you can work together to help your child succeed academically. If necessary, a private tutor can be hired to supplement your teen’s academic efforts.

3. Sex:
In our present world sex rules and you can find it in books, music etc. None of us want our teens to have sex too early, so it’s good to talk about sex with them. You should explain to them the dangers of premarital sex which can lead to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV etc. You can also make them see the beauty and honor of remaining virgins till their wedding night as this virtue is becoming eroded in this generation.

4. Personal freedom:
Teenagers always have a desire for personal freedom. They see this period as an opportunity to learn about the world. As parents, we cannot protect and isolate our children forever. However, it is important to recognize that teenagers come with personal responsibilities. When their freedom is abused, their lives are destroyed, it is been advise to give them that little freedom so that they can learn and understand because when they are been isolated at home any chance of freedom, they have to leave the house they will misbehave or indulge in mischievous activities because they feel they might not have this kind of opportunity again.

5. Choice of friends and peer pressure:
This is also another important issues parents should always discuss with their children, regardless of age. Because the choices you make with your friends determine who you become in the future, if a child has a bad friend, he/she might end up copying the friend’s bad behavior. So as a parent, you should talk to your teen about the importance of self-acceptance and self-esteem. This is because it helps your child choose their friends. Also, explain to teens that even if peer pressure is not positive, they should not give up because there will be negative consequences. You can also talk about past experiences and mistakes. Also, ask them to share their experiences. Finally, always assure them that you are the best and most loyal person in their life.

Raising a teenager can be the easiest or hardest task you can take on as a parent or guardian, depending on your approach and understanding of the ins and outs of teenagers. Ultimately, you should do whatever it takes to train your teens to be responsible adults in the near future.


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