Why You Should Consider Volunteering for a Charity Organization

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager


Why not consider volunteering? If you have a heart towards the less privileged and fortunate but not enough money to give to your chosen charity. Many people volunteer to work for charity organizations by providing their time and skills. 


What you will offer as a volunteer to a not for profit organization depends on your skills and expertise. The major factor you will consider is what you know how to do best and how you can offer your skills and expertise to the charity organization you intend to offer your services as a volunteer. If you are good at teaching, then you should look out for non governmental organizations to offer your teaching skills as the case may be. Thinking through what you can really do and how best you can do it for charity is a yardstick to effective volunteering.

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You should also note that volunteering for a charity organization as ours is not just about providing to offer your skills and expertise for free. It is also about practicing your passion in real terms, meaning what you will like to do but haven’t gotten the time and opportunity to do them can be done through volunteering for a charity organization. Let’s say you enjoy art and haven’t got the opportunity to practice it, volunteering for a charity organization in  this capacity could be a good idea.


How much of your time you can donate is another factor you should consider. You should be able to think of how many hours per day or per week you could give to volunteering for a not for profit organization. This is why our volunteer application form at Infinite Respite Foundation specifically states the time and day you will be available so you can make your choice. Being aware of the time you will be available is essential to know what is involved beforehand and your working expectations.


Some people are unaware of the benefits of volunteering for a charity organization. Gaining insights into the charity you are working for and satisfaction which leads to mental wellness are huge benefits to a volunteer. Also this act of kindness are ways you can find new skills, meet new friends and enjoy new projects as you offer to help the less privileged. Volunteering is a great option if you have spare time and a heart to help. And we are open to accept volunteers to join us in our outreaches to the less privileged. Follow this link to apply to become a volunteer today.


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