By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager


Nigerian is a country of over 200 million with the vast majority unemployed and underemployed. This is not just a hearsay; it is the sad reality of Nigeria today. Majority of our youths are on the street, fending for their daily bread. 

The social unrest going on in Nigeria depicts the situations in our beloved country. Majority of the affected are the youths in the country. When the youths are left idle, the vacuum will have to be filled. Hence the emergence of thugs.

Thuggery came as a way of filling the vacuum of being uneducated or acquiring skills needed to make a living. They generally consist of youths from different age grades under a leader who they see as the only person who caters to their needs and wants. Whenever violence is to be enacted, they are called upon. We see them as miscreants but to them, it’s just another day to earn a living.

Our youths especially the uneducated are lured into violence. They are yet to see a reason to need more or impact positively into the society. During elections, they are given weapons to coerce people and after election, the weapons become theirs. If the situation is looked into closely, you will observe that most of the thugs are uneducated. For them, having food in their stomach is their most important need. 

The power of education cannot be undermined. Education enables one to become elites, think critically and plan strategically. It enables individuals to be exposed to better ways of living, to be able to think critically and most of all ask questions which needs accurate answers. 


Without educating the society, thuggery will not come to an end. Education can be through schools, community gatherings, churches, mosques, or house to house all preaching peace and not propagating hate speech. They need to understand that destroying lives and properties does not make a country grow but rather affects the individuals in the country. Thugs need to be aware that they can do better rather than being a nuisance to society. 


Government has a role to play in society. Policies that promote the thriving of businesses, provision of basic amenities and a healthy environment needs to be enacted. This will encourage our youths to be entrepreneurs. We need to equip our youths with skills rather than with machetes, stones, knives, sticks and guns. We want a productive society not divided by tribal or ethnicity, politics and religion. 


If we want to create safe and secured environments free of thuggery, we need to educate our youths and equip them with viable skills. In the words of Awolowo “the children of the poor you failed to train will never let your children have peace”. For us to have a great society, all channels must be geared towards educating and equipping individuals in the society.


Join us today as we take steps towards educating the society at large.

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