The Rising Cost of Education: How it Affect Development in Nigeria

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager


Education has always been a necessity as the advancement of science, technology and human behaviours have made education the bedrock of any progeressive society. The Nigerian educational system is blind to the fact that not everyone is equal with available financial strength to be educated. A commission of inquiry into the Nigerian Educational System (2000) shows that 50% of the annual schooling expenditure by families in Nigeria  goes to school uniform and other indirect costs. This has overtime posed threats to poorer families who are unable to meet up financially and have their children drop out of school.

The reason for school uniforms in the first place is to make children feel equal and not discriminated against and punished by unreasonable school teachers in the case where they are unable to afford a good pair of the uniforms. This can psychologically affect a child’s participation and performance in school.

Parent teachers association on the other hand is to ensure a smooth integration and operation between the school and families in a given community and the levies charged are instrumental to the provision of  infrastructures that fosters a good learning environment. The PTA should also be instrumental to the provision of proper basic education to all children in their host school by seeking assistance from civil societies that assist the government in the area of education. But this is not the case as children who are unable to pay PTA levies are humiliated and sometimes kicked out of school which may cause the affected children to stop school altogether.

From the very brief analysis above amongst other vast reasons of the rising cost of education in Nigeria, what suffers most is the development that may never happen in Nigeria if we continue to have a nonchalant attitude towards basic education for all children regardless of their family background and status. If only we can accept the responsibility of contributing to the education of the child close to us, as a school teacher, school owner or random neighbour, then we can be sure of developed and progeressive Nigeria in the nearest future.

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