Prison Ministration and Outreach

Infinite Respite Foundation Prison Ministration and Outreach is dedicated to welfare of prisoners in Nigeria, we periodically visit the prisoners and support them in any way we can.

The poor quality and non conducive reform of our prison system has contributed negatively to the hardening and dehumanizing nature of inmates. Unknowingly, this factor has defeated the aim as to why prisons were created in the first place.

As we are not supposed to judge our fellow humans on past offences but on how well we are able to learn from mistakes of the past and grow from them, the Nigerian prison system is supposed to be a place of rehabilitation and reformation of even the most terrible inmates to be a psychologically balanced individual.


Infinite Respite Foundation prison ministration and outreach is borne out of the necessity for inmates in Nigeria prisons to experience:


  • Encouragement and hope
  • Spirituality through the Christian faith
  • Guided meditation and self discovery
  • Self education and enlightenment
  • Provision of food and other welfare packages
  • Provision of legal advisors as the case may be.
  • Provision of educational support and sponsorship to the inmates by registering them for WAEC exams, e.t.c


All these we believe will go a long way to bring light to those individuals behind the prison bars of dehumanization.