By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager


Infinite Respite Foundation is a supporter of Nigerian Prisons Service, Medium Security Prison Kuje, Abuja Education Programme for inmates. Over the years, prison inmates who have participated in the programme, have been able to integrate back into society. This is possible through qualifications obtained while serving their sentence. 

There is no limit in life except the ones you have created. Everything is achievable as long as you take daily steps leading you to your dreams and life pursuit. Meet Mr. Adikwu Owoicho, the Education Desk Officer, as he tells his story….



“This was born out of a sincere and passionate desire to bring about positive changes within and outside the detention system in Nigeria. The vision was conceived in the year 2011 when I joined the Nigerian Prisons Service, Medium Security Prison Kuje Abuja.

It was this passion that led me to be involved in prison education. Same year 2011 that I joined the prison, 57 inmates were registered for the November/December GCE 2011 WAEC examinations in the Prison. It was these achievements that made the officer in charge of the prison move me to head the Education unit in the prison in 2012 as the Pioneer Education Desk Officer. Since then, over 700 inmates have been registered in the WAEC programme and over 80 inmates admitted and running degree program in the National Open University of Nigeria, Kuje prison special study center which was established in the year 2013. All these are run in partnership with churches, NGOs like yours, spirited individuals, the Open University and the with cooperation of the prison authority.

I always like to make reference to a life experience of an inmate that was in detention and trials for 14 years before he was discharged and acquitted. While in prison he embraced the opportunities of this prison education. He sat for the WAEC in 2011 and 2012, made all his papers; he was part of the pioneer student of the university when it was established in 2013. Today, he is a graduate from the department of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution with Second Class Upper.

Before his discharge, he became a writer, a preacher, a motivational speaker and a gospel music minster. He has written about seven books, composed over 100 Gospel songs. Upon his released, his first gospel album was launched in Abuja here on the 14th December, 2019, and all still looking for people that will Partner with us published one of his books tilted FOURTEEN YEARS IN PRISON”



Education Desk Officer


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