By: Desmond Okiei





Entering the premises that sunny day, one thing stood colossal from inception, not the serene environment, beautiful trees and lovely landscape, but the “love” for “Music”. I understood music is light to the blind, a stream of bliss that flows through a blessed ear straight to and lightens up the Soul. As the students expertly navigated through paths in pairs and with canes, I stood in awe and observed the rhythmic sound they produced, as few sang to it with excitement. I became enthused and genuinely excited about the outreach, knowing I was in for a huge learning curve in this school for the blind.

Cross section of our volunteers with the school of the blind staff and student.

In an interactive session, we talked about music. I understood music serves as an escape route to a place of courage, joy and light to a blind. As the famous music producer Chobams Asuquo once said in an interview with BBC in 2013 “I moved on from there to locking myself up in the bathroom which was, you know, the average child’s nightmare, but I would do it just because of the reverberating effect I got whenever I whistled from the bathroom”. 

However, is how the ears of the blind sees and creates music from even the most unconventional. In the same interview, Chobams Asuquo explained “I just enjoyed the sound. I literally would come into the living room and beat on anything I found, from the dining table to other things in the kitchen to barrels that we used for storing water, all kinds of stuff,”. These I witnessed as the students make melodious sounds from chairs, desk and even from food flask with much excitement.

Cross section of happy volunteers alongside our chairman. See more about us here

As the curtains drew to a close on our outreach, we were bid farewell by the sonorous voices of the school choir. Beautiful rendition that lingers till this day. As expected, it was indeed a learning curve for us at Infinite Respite Foundation. As we drove past the exit gate, I had a flood of emotions and I was eager to share my experiences, it was indeed an outreach to remember. 


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