By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager




Every child has a unique ability. One may ask how? From the moment a child starts having cognizance of his/her environment, the learning process has begun. 

A child can lean towards so many activities. Some may be musically inclined, building and making houses with their bricks, dancing or become academically inclined etc. Children become mirrors of the people and activities they are exposed to. 

Observing children daily helps you to know the capabilities which they possess. What makes them laugh, smile, relentless and bold. From cradle hood, parents have been the closest to their kids and this makes it easier for them to understand their children.

How then do we develop our children?

One way you can develop your children is by giving them a task to complete that involves them to think for themselves. Having tasks to complete helps build their confidence and self-esteem. It will teach them to deal with any challenge they face. 

Assigning household chores to your children teaches them on how to be responsible in life. The chores they do gives them a sense of responsibility and focus. They will understand at that early stage that one has to make efforts and become hardworking. Making them supervise their younger ones encourages leadership skills to be built. 

Teaching your children social skills at their growing stage is one of the ways we can develop our children. Adulthood cannot do without inherent skills like communication, empathy, listening etc as they are the basic traits that keep good relationships in our community, school, homes and religious gatherings.

We should set high educational expectations for our children. In doing this, we are giving them a focus in which to channel all their activities. In other words, we are setting goals for them to achieve. It could also be applied in other activities that your children have strength in like swimming, music, fashion etc. 

The world as it was far back in the 60s and 90s are quite different in the 21st century. In the 90s, higher opportunities were limited to being a doctor or a lawyer as a profession. Today, the internet has made us realize that we have countless opportunities open to us. Activities like acting, singing, comedy, racing, photography, dancing, football, surfing, games etc have become professions in their own rights. We now have professionals in those fields and doing well for themselves. Exposing your children to diverse opportunities and professions enables them to know their dream career early in life.

Handling Pressure and failure well in life is a very important skill parents need to teach their children. With the existence of social media, parenting has become more complex. We see videos of people committing suicide due to pressure and failure of not achieving their dreams. As parents, one of the most important skills we can teach our children is how to handle pressure in their academics, career, peer pressure etc.  We have to teach our children that in achieving goals, we are bound to have challenges along the way. Challenges are to be seen as opportunities to do better and becoming experts in that particular field. Failing in achieving a planned goal should not be taken as a brutal blow. In life we win some and lose some. Rather we should ask ourselves questions on what we can do differently or a different step to take to achieve a positive outcome.

Most Importantly, we should ensure our children get education. ‘Education is the best policy a Parent can give to their children. Making sure they have a basic education enables them to have a strong foundation in their chosen field.

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