By: Timothy Dooga




There is a cordial relationship between the learning environment and learners. That is, a good learning environment determines the great learners to be produced.What then is learning, environment and children? Learning is a cognitive way of acquiring knowledge or skills.while, environment here is the totality of surroundings conditions for learning.Also, children here are the learners and are also known as pupils or students that are taught by the teachers.

So how can teachers improve the learning environment for children?

Teachers can improve learning environment for children through the following ways;

Proficient and healthy relationship:

In the modern era, teachers can improve on the learning capacities of their learners by having a good and effective relationship that is devoid of acrimony and rancor in the class or any other centers of learning.More So it’s pertinent to stress that, no meaningful learning will take place without a proficient relationship between the teacher and the learner, therefore, teachers should see themselves as instructors to the children other than seeing themselves as semi gods.

Percipient communication:

A clear communication between the teachers and their learners can create an awesome learning environment that will have a positive outcome in the lives of the children and this should be a focal point for the twenty first century teachers. A teacher that communicates well and has a vast knowledge of his/her subject  will make the children concentrate in their lessons. An interactive classroom environment will add up to the children’s concentration in their lessons. In olden days, teaching and learning were seen as one way traffic, this is when teaching was teacher centered instead of child centered, therefore teachers should create different interactive approaches like interactive session, icebreakers, games,debates,quiz etc . This will make learning attractive and appreciative by the children.

Reward system:

Teachers should cultivate good reward systems that will encourage learning.  In appraising or affirming learners’ performances words like “well done, excellent, bravo, awesome, very good, outstanding, great”,  etc. should be used and by doing this a teacher will have full  control of his/her classroom activities. In another direction, it’s not right for a teacher to insult or punish a child who fails to  answer a question in the classroom.  Doing so will demoralize or discourage the child.

Identifying and solving children’s’ ( learners’) needs: 

It’s important to note that, there are different strokes for different folks, so it’s in the classroom setting, teachers should take note of children’s  needs and address them accordingly for stance adults needs are different from the young adults or teenagers, adults needs may be physical needs, psychological needs, emotional needs, social needs, economic needs, leadership needs, freedom and entertainment needs etc teachers should be able to meet all of these needs at all time. When learners’ needs are cautiously met by their teachers in the classroom, the learning environment becomes conducive and learners become happier as well as learning become simple and fun instead of being complex and cumbersome.

Classroom management and discipline: 

It’s not just enough for a teacher to know only his/her content areas, but also knows how to manage his/her classroom properly. A teacher is saddle with the responsibility of providing, initiating and enacting rules governing the classroom. For example, there should be rules on how to enter into the classroom when the lesson is going on, how to distribute and collect Learning materials in the classroom, arrangement of desks, refusing to copy note, noise making during the lesson, refusing to do assignment, quarreling and fighting during and after the lesson in classroom etc. all these should be stated by the teacher at the beginning of the lesson or term and agreed upon by the learners.Also, there should be punishments for the offenders or breakers of these classroom rules by so doing, the learning environment will be conducive and at the end, the academic expectations will be met and appreciated.


As a professional teacher, you are expected to greet your learners immediately you enter into their classroom or they come into your classroom,let them know that, you want them to make eye contact with you during the lesson, give you a verbal greetings,a high five or a handshake depending on the age grade of the learners.This will make the children to believe that the teacher loves and cares about them as individuals.By doing all these, the teacher will capture the learners’ attention during the lesson.

Child play method of learning: 

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, they said, therefore teachers can improve on children’s learning through the process of play by planning and organizing learning areas. It has been documented that learning environment assists children in the development of socioemotional, cognitive and physical growth (Shipley 2007). Therefore, cautiously playing during the lesson offers children with great opportunities to harness and experience of feeling and cognitive tasks while using motor skills that are important later in life. For example, if the teacher is teaching a topic like ocean, having sand and water play will be a great way for the children to become familiar with the aspects of the ocean. Note, when planning the creation of centers, teachers should consider the following. Determine developmental goals and objectives. Know principles of learning and children’s learning styles. Design and set up learning centers. Evaluate the learning environment.

Leadership and trust:

 There is a saying  that says children are the leaders of tomorrow therefore, teachers should be willing to entrust their learners with jobs or responsibilities to abreast them with the challenges of the society. Responsibilities like classroom assistant or better still classroom representative should be appointed by a teacher to assist the teacher in handling classroom tasks like marking and keeping the register, organizing and keeping writing materials like dusters, pens, pencils just to mention but a few.

Meanwhile the teacher is to help the class to choose someone or people with unquestionable characters with good intellectual capacities.Also, in the area of trust,a teacher is a model for the learners (children) and should behave in such manner as not just children but the society at large is looking up teachers as people with integrity. Therefore teachers should exhibit humility before their children in the classroom and even outside the shores of the classroom.    Teachers should appraise learners fairly and justly in line with what they have seen in their learners abilities.They are expected not to tell lies,steal, quarrel,fight, prostitute,indecent dressing, smoke or drink alcohol in the classroom and outside the classroom settings.By not engaging in these evils mentioned above, the learners  will have a lot of great things learn from their models or modellers  called teachers.

Enthusiasm and positive affirmation: 

Teachers are expected to smile and laugh when and where it’s necessary during the lesson. You are to let your learners know that you are happy to teach them and they should be happy to learn as well. The teachers’ positive attitude and enthusiasm for teaching and learning will create and maintain conducive learning environment in the classroom.

Also, positive thoughts or positive affirmations from the teacher to his/her learners can bring out the best from them. There is always a positive thing  that should be seen even in the worst learners. So, a teacher is expected to find out the potentials in each learner and point out to them at least twice in a  week or every day.

Therefore, a teacher should concentrate on the positive traits of every learner which will create and maintain a truly positive learning environment for his/her learners. This will help each learner to build self confidence that will last forever in their learning career.

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