How Learning Environment can Affect Children’s Mental Development

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager


Children’s mental development through learning and playing can be enhanced by a well arranged environment, as this allows for growth and development through materials and activities in well organized areas which makes the children act, feel and behave. 


A calm, loving and well organized learning environment can make the children in such a place improve their skills and abilities such as cognitive, emotional, linguistics and motor (physical) skills which invariably stimulate their mental development.


Studies have shown that early childhood is one of the most important stages where future beliefs and characteristics are being developed as adults, which further makes children’s learning environment to be in a positive state for the society to have more mentally balanced adults in the nearest future.


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However, this is not the case in most remote and semi-urban areas in Nigeria, the education and learning environment is lagging behind and children who are even opportune to attend these schools cannot access the basic materials and engage in activities that can develop them to become mentally balanced adults.


A study carried out by UNESCO states that poor learning infrastructure and low quality of education  has been identified as barriers to children learning in Africa and Nigeria is not in any way exempted from this study. The study also identified size of classes as key factors that affects learning outcome and textbooks as one of the educational inputs that greatly influences the learning influences of children.


Teachers also play a very important role in children’s education, they are the children’s second parents as they are the cornerstone of quality education. But there has been a huge decline in the teaching profession as they will have to retire or leave the teaching job altogether. This makes the search for quality teachers to be an arduous task.  Infact at Infinite Respite Foundation, one of most wanted volunteers are teachers who take teaching as a passion and not just an earning opportunity. 


Sanitation facilities also boost the learning process and health as stated by a  UNESCO study, which also boost attendance and promote gender equality. Lack of fresh water and proper sanitation as seen in most of our schools in remote and semi-urban areas will only discourage children from learning which destroys the purpose of proper basic education.


Rather than sitting idly and feeling unconcerned about the state of the learning environment of our schools and how it affects the mental development of our children,we at Infinite Respite Foundation have taken it upon ourselves to enable a positive learning environment through our outreaches on basic education, where we ensure the less privilege have access to basic education and we visit schools in remote and semi-urban areas to access their needs on a case by case study and provide based on the identified needs, so as to enable a well organized learning environment.


We are fully aware of how this can affect us all as these children will surely become adults tomorrow and will contribute their quota to the Nigerian society, negatively or positively. All these  boils down to what we do today by collectively taking responsibility so as to prevent future disaster happening in our society.


You can be part of this mission by contributing your time, skills and resources so we can collectively take responsibility by making the Nigerian society a better place.

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