Education: The Only Source of Positive Transformation for a Child’s Life

By: Kelvin Acha 

Outreach Manager


The transformation of a child’s life through education cannot be overemphasized.

In the course of our courtesy visits and outreaches to remote areas in Nigeria, we have discovered reasons why most children in these areas are unable to access basic education is due to the lack of funds from their parents or guardians to sponsor them.

We get to see these children involved in one menial job or the other just to feed, as their parents or guardians most of the time need them to make ends meet by hawking products or doing one menial job or the other.

But if you are reading this now, I am sure you know how acquiring basic education is necessary for the success of any child’s future regardless of their present status.

A report from Unicef has it that children in rural areas are twice more than likely to be out of school than their counterparts in the urban areas.

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Reasons could range from their inability to afford the fee for basic education which includes sitting for their WAEC or NECO exams as well as the distance or lack of proper resources and infrastructure for learning.

Unfortunately, a large number of children are not learning or are too hungry to be educated due to the quality of education on offer which they cannot afford.

Education of these children can be the best investment anyone or organization can make, as it tends to bring them out of the cycle of poverty which invariably leads to better health and increased income opportunities.

Hence, the reason for Infinite Respite Foundation  to contribute resources in the provision of basic education for children who really need to be educated.

We understand the basic fact that educating children gives them the timeless opportunity to access the needed knowledge and skills to improve their lives.

But this mission cannot be carried out all by ourselves, due to the large number of cases of out of school children on the streets of remote areas in Nigeria.

Supporting a mission as this doesn’t require you to have all the millions in the world before doing so, all it requires is a little contribution of your time and skills and together we can achieve a lot in the provision of basic education to children who really need to be educated.


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