By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager


Education has been a source of pride either as an achievement in an individual’s life, family, community or the professional field at large. It was believed that having an educated person in the community will ensure that the community is well represented at the affairs of a state. This analysis became a replica in politics as each community elects’ people to represent them in the local, state and federal levels in order for full development to be attainable. 

Gradually, there has been a paradigm shift in the ideology that Education was key to having a successful life. In our present-day Nigeria, education does not hold relevance. We are constantly bombarded with stories and images of people who are successful without having education. The opinion is not that without education one cannot achieve anything but the ideology of “get rich quickly” which has become the trend in the society.  

Our Youths no longer see education as a valuable achievement. They are being led to believe that education is not needed for one to achieve success. Most of the people who have attained such heights may have had a platform on which they stand on. 

Basic education is the most important education as it is the bedrock on which an individual can grow and develop whether furthering education or establishing a business. It is sad that we have children whose parents are unable to afford a paltry sum of N3200 to register for BECCE and N3350 as school charge.

A story that touched me was a boy of 11 years who was unable to pay his BECCE and School charge. His father aged 60 is a battery charger who no longer has batteries to charge due to technological improvements in vehicles. In a week or two, he can go without making money. His wife stays far away in kuje, his son is with an uncle in Kuchingoro who takes care of his feeding and the father stays at his workshop. It was gathered that the father has been a defaulter in the payment of school charges. Due to his age, he can no longer learn a new vocation. The hope of the family lies on the shoulder of the young boy.

There are children around us in communities and villages who cannot afford basic education. They want to be doctors to help pregnant women in their community, to save lives, help those who can’t have access to medical care. Some want to be in the journalism profession to speak on behalf of people with no voice, act in movies that teach kids moral lessons, become lawyers that will reduce corruption and not take bribes. These are the desires of the children with no one to give voice to their words. The development of every nation lies in the education of children. They are the future leaders.

The song comes in mind “parents listen to your children; we are the leaders of tomorrow. Try and pay our school fees and give us the best education”. Join hands with Infinite Respite Foundation and let’s give voice to their unsung desires and a clear path to their dreams. 

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