Educating the Young Minds

By: Eze Chinedu



The first thing that strikes in our minds when we think about education is gaining knowledge. Yes we are correct! Education is a tool which provides people with knowledge, skills’ information and enables them to know their rights and duties either as a member of the family, society or nation. It shapes our perspectives about life in general and provides the strength to fight against injustice, corruption, crimes and other criminal elements in the society.

Education brings new ideas to transform and develop the world. Education plays a huge role in our modern society because we need knowledge to proffer solutions to our daily challenges. We are in a society full of different challenges that needs solutions but without education, solution is an illusion. If a person is educated, he or she will not be easily fooled by anyone to evil. It is important to know that the young minds is the surest way in saving our society from social vices. 

Education is the live wire of any country who believes in a better tomorrow. Therefore,  educating the young people is a major means of preserving the future of our nation and curbing crimes in our society. The rate of crimes in our society today is mind blowing and empowering the minds of our young people through education is the doorway to having the future we all desire. Infinite Respite Foundation has been championing this vision to make basic education for the young minds a  reality regardless of their background status and physical stature. For this vision to be achieved, the following is required;

1. Educating the young mind should be a task beyond family boundaries. If you’re privileged to be educated and knowledgeable, you should educate the younger ones around you.

2. NGO’S and individual benevolence need to visit rural communities and ensure the children whose parents can not afford their education gain access to education.

3. Above all, the Government should grant every child the right to Education by declaring free education from primary to secondary school level.

Nothing on earth can be compared to educating the young mind as this automatically translates into having a better society.

Thank you.

Join us today as we take steps towards educating the society at large.

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