Bridging the Gap for a Better Nigerian Society

By: Eze Chinedu




Currently, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor , between the children of  the elites and  the children of a common man in our society.  When we talk about building a bridge for a better society, we are talking about closing the gap between the rich and the poor. This is because the rich and the poor children live in the same society and if the gap is not bridged, the poor and less privileged children will surely be a nightmare to the privileged children of the rich. 

Unfortunately, this is a distant thought to many people in our society today. All we care about is, MY CHILDREN,  MY CHILDREN! However, we must not forget that our children share the same with other children in the society.  Therefore, we must build bridges across social classes, ethnicity and religion if the future of our children must be safe. Yes, ethnicity and religion is a social virus that has eaten deep into our subconscious minds. We have become wolves to each other. The Hausas regard the Igbo as “NOT GOOD” , while the Igbo in return, regard the Hausa as a “PROBLEM “ , and the Yorubas at their own end, consider both the Igbo and the Hausa as the “ENEMY “.  

Who is actually the problem? We must begin to see our differences as a gift from God. It is the different colours in the rainbow that makes it appear beautiful. Both Christianity and Islam are but a platform through which we approach God in different ways. If we fail to bridge this difference that is dividing us today, then the future of our children is not safe. 

Cultural diversity should be taught in every home and schools across the country.  Let our children learn to understand and appreciate the culture and religion of others for a better relationship in the future. 

The children of today are the hope for tomorrow, so we must prepare them for the future we all desire. Let us stop teaching war and division to our children,  instead, teach them love, peace and social justice wherever they are. We can create a better future by teaching tolerance at home, schools, mosques and churches. When we see one another as brothers and sisters, we wouldn’t need to  wage war against one another. Advocate for peace wherever you are and our society will be at  peace; and the future of our children will be safe. 

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