Benefit of Basic Education and Social Inclusion of the Physically Challenged Children to the Society

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager


Physically challenged children in the Nigerian society are constantly faced with discrimination; they are often marginalized not to access education and other skills, which should enable them participate in the socio-economic areas of the society.


Any progressive oriented society should pave way and implement policies in accordance with the United Nations (2006). Convention and Optional  on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD): these policies provides all necessary guidance for national law and policy to ensure non-discrimination, equality of opportunity, full participation and social inclusion of persons with disabilities across all countries. The UNCRPD  is to ensure all countries through the reformation of their policies provide basic access to health, education, skills training and livelihood opportunities to persons living with disabilities. This will promote the development of any given society.


The former President of World Bank, James D. Wolfensohn rightly attested to the fact that addressing persons with disabilities is a significant part of reducing poverty in any given society; he added that inclusion by bringing in people who have never been part of society and empowering them to thrive in the bustling center of National life is what promotes development.


And I could not have agreed more because the physically challenged are humans and vital part of any given society. Physically challenged children in the Nigerian society have the fundamental human right to quality basic education and skill acquisition. This can in turn boost their confidence and enable them participate fully in socio-economic activities which further lead to development of the Nigerian society.


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Basic educational access to physically challenged children is capable of changing societal attitudes to persons with disability. They can participate effectively in the same socio-economic system of the society with other people, once they have the opportunity to be educated or trained in viable skills.


From our outreaches to the physically challenged children, we can see that these children are really special and only need attention for their hidden potential to be discovered and harnessed for the greater good of society. 


We discovered that lack of basic educational infrastructures in schools for the physically challenged children are underlying issues which need to be tackled. Through our Disability Inclusive Development Program, we have been able  to provide basic education and infrastructure to a couple of physically challenged schools in our communities. This have generally contributed to their psychological well being.


But there are more physically challenged children we can still reach out to. The more we are able to provide basic education, educational infrastructure and skills training, the more developed our Nigerian society can be in the nearest future.


You can become part of this great commission with your skills, time and other resources by becoming a volunteer or ambassador with Infinite Respite Foundation. Together we can contribute to the development of our Nigerian society by empowering the physically challenged children.


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