Basic Education as a Panacea to Eradicate Mental Slavery and Contribute to Societal Growth

By: Kelvin Acha

Outreach Manager


The worst kind of bondage is the imprisonment of the mind –, August, 2020.

Education possesses the capacity to make the mind think and ask questions when the need arises. The future of any society lies greatly on the nurture and education of the children. What then happens to a society as ours when a large number of children are unable to access basic education ? The future of the society will be doomed due to the mental enslavement of the people 


Mental slavery is worst than any kind of bondage because the oppressors don’t need chains and iron bars to imprison the people, what the oppressors need are just the ability to control the mind of the people. Other perspective may also have it that education contributes to mental slavery as children are not trained to think analytically and critically.  The educational system of the Nigerian society only makes references to what is written in the books for  children to study to pass exams and do not encourage research into further study. 


What we do not realize is that children are sometimes given the opportunity to ask questions after classes and this is an opportunity for the smart and confident kids to exercise their confidence to think critically and analytically to ask questions that could lead to further study and evaluations. You may wonder what is the difference between analytical and critical thinking anyway. Well,  the peak performance center has assisted us in giving us a clear difference that states how analytical thinking breaks down complex information into smaller parts while critical thinking takes into account outside knowledge while evaluating information. That says it all. 


As the world exists, oppressors shall always abound to achieve their own selfish interests in a given society. The good side to this is that they cannot achieve their evil agendas alone as they need the people to think without being curious to think analytically and critically. Hence the future of our Nigerian society is heavily pregnant because if the most vulnerable and less privileged children are not educated now, they will serve as useful tools to the oppressors to achieve their evil agendas. 


Building a more peaceful society can be greatly achieved through education of the people. There are tendencies for people to ask questions when they are asked to act in such a way that will undermine the progress of their own society. They think analytically and critically by asking questions and bringing up solutions to bring progress to their society. That is the power of proper education which should never be ignored.


Infinite Respite Foundation heart desires is to see that our Nigerian society is filled with educated people and we can only achieve this through providing basic education to the less privileged and vulnerable children in the society. This is why we come up with innovative programs to drive home our goals to make this happen.


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