By: Anita O. Uzama

Case Manager


I went there today… I gazed at them all looking beautiful in their crisply clothes chattering and having smiles on their faces. I turned and went to the path leading to the stream. Mother was waiting for me to get water so we can prepare food and go to the market.


I compared my torn clothing which could be described as rags but I was happy I had them. The stream was empty today. Asmau quickly filled up her water pot and went home.


Mother said I should keep the water pot in the kitchen and keep it closed so that it be cold when we get back. At the market, I quickly sold the oranges on my tray and went back to mother. I did five trips and made lots of money. I was proud of myself. My savings will be increased as Mother has always encouraged me to save.

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We took the path leading through where I saw the children earlier. I paused and looked with great longing in my heart. Mother nudged me to move forward as I was delaying.


“Asmau, bring the bowl of water for your dad to wash his hands”. Father looked tired. I dropped the bowl of water and sat down to break the melon for tomorrow market. After eating, Father and Mother went inside the room.


I heard their raised voices and was worried. Father and Mother rarely raised their voices. They were always happy and able to make us feel important regardless of the circumstances. I laid down on my bed that night praying that father and mother will be fine.


“Asmau … Asmau… Asmau… wake up”. I woke up to see mother by my side. “Did you finish breaking the melon last night? mother asked. I responded with a nod as it was still early in the morning. “Go to your fathers’ room, he’s waiting for you”.


I saw father standing by the window. “Papa, Good morning”. He responded with a smile and pointed to the bed. “Asmau, I have something for you”. On the bed was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I saw a white shirt with a dark blue pinafore skirt and a pair of white socks and black sandals. I rubbed my eyes again to clear the little sleep in my eyes. Perhaps I was dreaming and needed to wake up.


Father looked at me with amusement in his eyes. I went closer, felt it and screamed for joy knowing I was going to school. I will no longer look from outside but I will wear the clothes, look crisply, neat and be in classes. I jumped on father, hugged him and ran to mother who was standing by the door. 


“Mummy, I am going to school”. “Yes, she replied. Get dressed quickly so you will not be late on your first day”. Mother took me to the Principal’s office where I was registered as a student. I was so eager to be in school that I ran off straight to the Assembly ground where other children were without saying goodbye to Mother. I was no longer an outsider but one of them.


There are kids like Asmau in our society who values education but do not have access to schools due to financial constraints. Help a child like Asmau achieve the dreams in her heart. Sponsor a child by partnering with Infinite Respite Foundation today. Remember, every child deserves a quality education.


You can also volunteer with us via your time and impacting skills which will serve as a foundation for them in achieving their dreams. The future of our country lies in the Education of the youths and children.

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